Life Assurance.

Life Assurance.

Most advertising for life assurance focuses on young and perfectly healthy individuals. Unfortunately most people do not fit this criteria.

Our sister compnay Orbis specialises in providing life assurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Unlike the mainstream providers, all our policies are individually underwritten meaning nobody is aumotically declined.

red-tickCover up to the age of 85.
red-tickPre-exisiting medical conditions included.
red-tickMental Health problems considered.
red-tickHazardous sports and occupations considered.
red-tickCases asssed individually so no automatic decline.
red-tickHigh sums insured.

Get Covered Today.

Our dedicated team are always on hand to deal with any requests. Contact Orbis direct on 01424 215315 to speak to one of our operators.